Joining Espresso Mobile Cafe is the best decision we have ever made.
The money's great, the hours are great, the support is first class

After being stuck in a boring office job for the last few years, we wanted a fun business that allows us to be outside networking and meet lots of new people and at the same time generate a great income.

We also wanted a business that provided flexibility for our two young daughters.
Espresso Mobile does all of this and more.

We are so happy with the way things are going we have decided after only six months to purchase a second coffee van.
We would happily recommend Espresso Mobile Cafe to anyone interested in going into business.

The hours are great, the jobs great, the coffee is great!

David & Robyn Gaw
Espresso Mobile Cafe - Warrnambool Vic

I have been running my own Espresso Mobile Café since September 2004 and it certainly has been a life changing experience. Coming from an IT background I was unsure that this was the right business for me, but I soon realized that Espresso Mobile were honest with the assertions they made regarding the possibilities of running a Mobile Café and the profits that can be achieved.

I knew nothing about making a coffee and I thought this may hinder my success. However the training was second to none by the Gourmet Coffee Institute and they ensured I left with the skills needed to be a successful and competent barrista. On-going support is only a phone call away and support have always addressed any concerns and questions I have had. Their interest in my success has always been obvious and their flexible and relaxed nature allows for a strong working relationship. The van fit-out is of excellent quality and customers are always impressed when they see it, even more impressed when they taste the coffee.

As with any business, the more effort you put in, the greater the rewards. And this business is no different. I have chosen to work weekday mornings only and occasionally on a weekend as this suits my lifestyle. This allows me to create a fantastic balance between work and family life. I could never achieve this in any other previous job working long hours for somebody else with the great income that Espresso Mobile is providing.

Paul Hagan
Espresso Mobile Café - Homebush

We wanted a career that:

  • Made money
  • Offered the opportunity to provide excellent customer service
  • That had room for expansion
  • That didn’t have a lot of staff to worry about
  • Didn't’t cost a fortune
  • Involved outdoor work and meeting people
  • Had flexible working hours

After research, advice and specialist training, we commenced our Franchise operations in the Geelong territory in Victoria in October 2005.

Over the past few months our business has shown strong growth in the Monday to Friday activities – the core business.  Events and special functions are a bonus.

We employ 1 full time staff member and 4 casuals on a roster and weekend as needed basis.  We find 2 persons operating the van on the Monday – Friday run allows the business to pump out more coffees per hour than one person would be capable of, thus increasing earning capacity. 

The plant and equipment fit out provided by the Franchisor is top quality and it is a pleasure to be able to drive a Mercedes “for work”  Support from our Operations Manager is good and on-line stock ordering, dispatch and delivery is always reliable.

We would have no hesitation in answering any questions or showing off our van to any prospective franchisees – when time permits.

Russell Colyer
Espresso Mobile Café - Geelong