The ESPRESSO Mobile Café Franchise System

The ESPRESSO Mobile Training Program

The Danes Gourmet Coffee Institute is Australia's first, independent, purpose-built training facility for baristas. The Institute offers courses, accreditation and training for industry professionals, cafe owners, specialists and lovers of fine coffee.

The Danes GCI curriculum and facility was established by Paul Jackson in 1999 to develop the standard of espresso being produced in Australia. Since that time, the Danes GCI has seen everyone from National and World Champion Baristas to cafe owners Australia wide and even baristas from our neighbouring countries go through the training. The courses are constantly under review and refined to maintain the Danes GCI status as Australia's premier espresso training school.

Barista training at the Danes Gourmet Coffee Institute focuses on the skills necessary to create the perfect cup. These include technical machine skills, knowledge of the standards required to extract a perfect espresso and the ability to recognise the different kinds of beans, roasts and taste profiles.

Every Espresso Mobile Franchisee receives the exact same training as the next to ensure these skills and standards are applied.

Course 1: The Essence Of Espresso

This is an intensive course designed to thoroughly explain and train in the art of espresso. We cover correct extraction involving grinder philosophy, grinder adjustment, espresso machine calibration, programming espresso volumes, tamping techniques, objective systems, subjective systems and espresso machine troubleshooting.

Course 2: Espresso Workshop

Pre-Requisite: The Essence of Espresso

This 3-hour course is where you put all your new knowledge and skills to work! The practical application of Introduction to Coffee and The Essence of Espresso culminate in the espresso workshop where students spend the entire session perfecting grinds, using the espresso machine and perfecting their milk skills. Under the tutoring of a qualified Barista, explore the finer details of espresso making, receive personal coaching and practice the perfect extraction and milk texturing. Being a self controlled learning course the Espresso Workshop can be repeated as many times as you like (at the discounted rate) to learn and practice higher levels of barista skills.

The first time you do the course, you may be a beginner and on a return visit you can take your training to a higher level, practicing latte art with the instructors guiding you. Because it is hands on and practical you can concentrate on whatever level of skill you are at without worrying about the level of skill of your classmates. After completing the workshop your Formare Barista Certificate is issued.